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Atrium window repairs

Atrium window repairs throughout the UK

Are your atrium windows in need of repair? For efficient aluminium window repair in Retford, get in touch with I.C.L.M. Ltd. 
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Extensive experience

I.C.L.M. Ltd has extensive experience repairing and maintaining atrium windows and atrium doors. Our teams are experts at working with difficult materials in hard to reach areas. We often work at great heights with the help of gantries, rope access and plants as appropriate. The places where we have done our repairs and maintenance include public libraries and corporate lobbies in major cities in the UK. Some developments we have worked on include local government buildings, businesses, public buildings and council offices. When it comes to atrium window and door repairs, I.C.L.M. Ltd are your go-to experts.
Glass atrium inspections
Atrium leak detection and rectification

We do the following:

  • Glass atrium inspections
  • Atrium leak detection and rectification
  • Atrium refurbishment
  • Atrium glass replacement 
  • Atrium component replacement 
We also do window and door maintenance. Take a look at a few pictures of our previous projects and find out more about us. 
You need specialists to take care of atrium window and door repairs. I.C.L.M. Ltd has extensive experience in carrying out a wide range of atrium repairs including glass atrium leak repairs and glass replacement. We're located in Retford, and offer our services throughout the UK. Contact a member of our team to discuss your needs. 
Window & Door Maintenance
Is there a leak in your atrium window? For efficient repairs for your atrium windows and doors, call: 07976 987 322
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